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The face and hair look very well thought out and well positioned. Same goes for the arms. I think they are very well proportioned to he...

The colors in this piece work so well together. I love the pattern on each of the pieces of the outfit, and how well you put each of th...



Kambrie K. Balser
United States
I am a 22 year old aspiring artist. I've been interested in art since I was old enough to hold a crayon. Anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask. I'm friendly ;D

Current Residence: Seattle, WA
Favourite style of art: Fantasy Digital, Digital Portrait (Dianae, AcidLulliby etc.) Traditional (Zeldis)

Las Vegas, Baby!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 10, 2009, 7:50 PM

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:pencil: Open Slots for character commissions!
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Copyright 2005-2009 Kambrie Balser


Fella by greatLP
CSS by ClaireJones

Vacation Time!

:new:Attention, commissioners!

I realize I owe some character paintings to some of you for winning contests. I haven't forgotten! Sorry to put it off, but some RL has been keeping me busy. I will get on these as soon as I can. My sincerest apologies! I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't forgotten, and I am NOT cancelling these, k? :)


I apologize in advance if I fall behind in my notes, messages, comments, faves, watches, replies, deviations etc. I will be leaving for Las Vegas today straight after I get off of work today, and returning Aug 15th. I am bringing my laptop and we'll have net in the hotel room, but I can't promise I'll be in the room much!


:bulletblack:We'll be staying at The Flamingo
:bulletblack:We're gonna be there over our 4th anniversary of being together (wee!)
:bulletblack:No, we're not gonna get married in Vegas :P
:bulletblack:We're totally trashing our diet on Vegas Buffets. Suggest some if you would!


:bulletblack: Crazy Horse Paris Show
:bulletblack: Jubilee
:bulletblack: Cirque du Soleil - O
:bulletblack: Tournament of Kings
:bulletblack: Penn & Teller

Boy those shows are expensive, but it will be worth it! We're not big gamblers, so we needed something else to blow a lot of money on at once!

What about you?

If any of you've been to Vegas and have some suggestions on where to eat, what to see, what to do, or even just stories about your trips there, share 'em!

Seven Deadly Speedpaints


The Seven Deadly Speedpaint Challenge is still underway! If any of you out there have not joined yet, but are interested in participating, let me know either in comment on this journal, or note and I will add you to the list!

It started out as speedpaints in digital or traditional media, but we now have a photographer participating and will gladly add more artists of other media!

There's no deadline, no prizes or anything, at this time, as this isn't a contest, but it WILL give you some practice! Once I get a note/comment saying you want to join, I'll put your name down in the below list in my journal.

:bulletwhite:When you finish a submission, send me a note with a link or thumb of your image! I will be featuring these in my journal until I feel like doing something else :)
:bulletwhite: Tell your friends! :D The more examples we have here, the more fun this will be!

Some suggestions (There are NO rules!):
:bulletblack:Use these to practice things you need to work on!
:bulletblack:Use these as an opportunity to speedpaint!
:bulletblack:The works don't have to be super original, or perfect!
:bulletblack:Use stock photography to speed the process up!
:bulletblack:Try to push yourself to finish all seven! Don't get discouraged!
:bulletblack:Have some damn fun!

The Sins:
:bulletgreen: Envy
:bulletblack: Wrath
:bulletred: Lust
:bulletyellow: Greed
:bulletpink: Vanity
:bulletorange: Sloth
:bulletpurple: Gluttony



Envy Speedpaint by whimsi

Wrath Speedpaint by whimsiSeven Deadly Sins Dragons: Wra by Kefka750

Vanity Speedpaint by whimsi:thumb126882050:Seven Deadly Sins Vanity by Kefka750

Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony by Kefka750

Seven Deadly Sins Lust by Kefka750

Greedy Green Dragons by Kefka750

My Seven Deadly Speedpaintings

Envy Speedpaint by whimsiWrath Speedpaint by whimsiVanity Speedpaint by whimsi

On to Gluttony! Yay!


Oh my!!! Someone has dedicated a piece to me! That someone is cathy-halo

What an honor... no one has ever dedicated a piece to me like this... boy, it really makes my day!

Please (PLEASE) Check out this lovely artist and give her some great comments, for me, to help me show her how much I appreciate this lovely dedication! Go Go Go!

poison by cathy-halo

Contests I am Entering...

Not working on any entries at the moment...

I am taking a little break to work on personal projects after that Wacom contest! That painting really burnt me out on contests for awhile.

Contests I am Involved In...

:trophy:euphoricdesire's Seasons in the Sun! Contest

*Please see the euphoricdesire's News Article for details of this contest!
Deadline: August 16th
:bulletred:Featuring winners in my journal.
:bulletred:Character commissions for 1st-3rd place.

You can help too!
:bulletwhite:euphoricdesire needs two more judges, so please contact her to lend a hand
:bulletwhite:More prize donations will also help drive this contest. Please lend a hand if you can!
:bulletwhite:You can pimp it in your journal!

:trophy:dAgnostic's Unknown Contest

*Please see dAgnostic's Journal Article on this contest for more details!
Deadline: June 20th
:bulletred:Featuring winners in my journal.
:bulletred:Character commissions for 1st-3rd place.

To Do List

I have so many things on my list. Whether or not, or when, they happen... :shrug: Who knows?


:bulletred:Make changes to Endless Struggle
:bulletred:Redo Skeleton/Muscule/Skin diagrams in a larger size.

Artwork Ideas

:bulletred:Mary Sue the half-vamp, vampire hunter, assassin extraordinaire. Yes, it's humor. ;D
:bulletyellow:Zodiac speedpainting exercises
:bulletyellow:Elements speedpainting exercises
:bulletyellow:Seven Deadly Sins speedpainting exercises


:bulletred:Kerli/AoD Commission for Kitten
:bulletred:dAgnostic's Unknown contest prizes
:bulletred:euphoricdesire's Seasons in the Sun contest prizes

:bulletred: Painting Eyes
:bulletred: Painting Noses
:bulletred: Painting Lips
:bulletred: Painting Ears
:bulletred: Painting Hands
:bulletred: Painting Feet
:bulletred: Painting Skin
:bulletred: Painting Hair
:bulletred: Painting Portraits
:bulletred: Painting Facial Expression
:bulletred: Dynamic Poses
:bulletred: Textures - Metal
:bulletred: Textures - Clothes
:bulletred: Special Effects - Fire
:bulletred: Special Effects - Lightning
:bulletred: Special Effects - Water Droplets
:bulletred: Special Effects - Magic


All works copyright © 2005-2009 Kambrie Balser

:bulletyellow:Please do not repost my work without crediting me. You may post it wherever you like in whole, if you're crediting me, and linking back to either my website or deviantART page.
:bulletorange:Please do not alter my work without my permission, this includes editing for use in sigs, banners, avatars, icons etc.
:bulletred:Please do not claim my work as your own. I don't mind if you want to use the ideas and create them from scratch. I don't even mind if you want to trace the work, but please give credit and be honest about what you've done.

The below clubs/groups have my permission to re-post my work.

  • Reading: Tamora Pierce
  • Watching: Lost (Much better than I thought it'd be!)
  • Playing: My Life as a Dark Lord (Wii Ware)
  • Eating: Strawberries 'n' Cream oatmeal
  • Drinking: Crystal Light - Wild Strawberry

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